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Founded in April 2005, Sihui Sihui Zhonghui Building Materials Co., Ltd  is a member of Guangdong Anti-Corrosion Association. For more than ten years, our factory has been specializing in the production and sale of FRP products. In 2010, we began to develop and produce FRP anti-corrosion profiles, especially for the heavy corrosion of the roof of the factory building, and formulated a complete solution, which is widely used. Main products: anti-corrosion tile, FRP Tiangou, FRP purlin, FRP anti-corrosion tile, anti-corrosion purlin, anti-corrosion sink, etc., suitable for: chemical industry, food, smelting, die casting, seaside workshop and other industries, to solve the annual maintenance problems, prolong the service life of the industry has been widely used, replacing metal materials Material corrosion problem. Zhonghui Team has won the trust and support of our customers by adhering to the spirit of active and enterprising, enthusiastic service to the public. Here we express our heartfelt thanks. Welcome to order.                                                   

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Specializing in the production of FRP corrosion resistant purlin, FRP flume, FRP corrosion resistant tile. It is suitable for chemical industry, food industry, smelting, die-casting, seaside workshop and so on.
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